Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year! The celebration will be that much sweeter this year as we will be together with family. The pies have been ordered from The Pie Gourmet (best pie shop ever) and the turkey is brining away in the frig.

Things do not always go as planned though. Consider this morning, my genius to rotate the bird in the bag to maximize flavor allowed it to split and spring some leaks! My dogs appreciated my misfortune as brine covered the floor, me not so much. It would be easy to get frustrated with this outcome but that would defeat the purpose of Thanksgiving. Fortunately, an extra cooking bag and some twine came to the rescue, we will see how long it holds…hopefully to Thursday! 

Gratitude is being thankful for a busted brine bag and for all that we have, even the stuff we don’t. The herd will always be chasing “more” and it is easy to get drawn into this way of thinking (and living).  Thanksgiving provides a time to be present and content with where we stand and who we are spending time with.

More will always exist and at times influence our decisions. That’s ok, we’re all human and still learning as we go through life. Overtime, we have the choice in prioritizing what we view as important and experiencing the results of where we put our efforts. Some results show up quickly while others such as relationships and family take time. Gratitude is thankfulness and living one day at a time, putting as much positive energy into what we do and who we interact with.         

As a firm we have much to be grateful for as we celebrate our second anniversary. Our gratitude extends to serving professionals and families as they navigate opportunities.  The financial decisions our clients make are often made easier by quantifying numbers. Numbers may provide assurance through the act of ongoing planning. The harder decisions, always more rewarding, are those woven together that contain major life choices. Starting or expanding the family, moving, accepting a new job, going out on your own to build something wonderful, repurposing your time, all these options and more are not easy nor straightforward.

We are grateful to participate in these tough conversations with our clients. Helping them gain additional clarity so their next steps may be more confident, that’s what we do day in and day out.   Overtime, these relationships strengthen, and, in some sense, we become viewed as extended family. All made possible by spending the last 25 years serving current and future generations. Values expand and stories are shared, this is what financial planning should be. Less emphasis on the money and more to do with making quality decisions on your tomorrow.

Helping facilitate these conversations on various financial and life choices while acting as a good steward, this is what I’m most grateful for. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

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