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Our Financial Planning Process

Let’s Chat:

An introductory chat may be scheduled when you are ready, no cost or obligation.  We may use this time to determine if we know, like, and trust each other to proceed in creating a relationship together.

Creating a relationship:

Creating a relationship with Flowerstone Financial is available to everyone regardless of assets, income, and geography.  We conduct remote and in person meetings, you choose your preferred format.  Our process includes two meetings, a discovery and summary plan review.  This allows for goal clarification and job descriptions to be assigned to your cash and investments.  We’ll share a timeline of various scenarios regarding your planning possibilities.  You are responsible for plan implementation; we’ll provide directions and details on what to do next.  Our process typically lasts five to six weeks start to finish. 

Continuing the relationship:

Continuing the relationship is only available to those who have created a relationship with Flowerstone Financial.  At this point you know us and our work, we know more about you too.  In exchange for our time and ideas, we’ll manage your investments, handle record keeping and rebalancing responsibilities along with other due diligence.  Two meetings a year will be offered to keep you and your plan heading in the right direction.  Our purpose is to deliver clear communication, expand trust, and create sustainability with regards to your retirement income goals and legacy planning.  Limited to 75 households, more details below.

What Does It Cost?

Creating a relationship:

A financial plan costs $3,000 based on the services we provide.  $1,500 to begin and then $1,500 upon completion of our work.  A financial planning engagement will be generated for your digital signature outlining work, responsibilities, and payment.   

Continuing the relationship:

We are a fee-based practice and costs are determined based on the amount of wealth that we manage for you.  Average households have over a million dollars guided by our process.  Each investment account has a small cash position where costs are removed monthly.

We thrive helping people get financial organized and focused on what’s important to them.  Having more confidence in your decisions and the inputs you control can create less worry and concerns about tomorrow.  We can help you manage your plan and provide an exceptional experience while doing so together.  Let’s chat, click to schedule a time on Ryan’s calendar below.

What Your Plan Can Include

Financial planning is personal and unique to each client’s goals and situation.  Likewise, the solutions, methods and tools we employ can differ, though you can expect to see some (or all) of these included in your financial plan.

Cash Flow Management

Retirement Planning

Investment Management

Retirement Income

Tax Planning

Insurance Coverage

Estate Planning

Education Funding


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By Continuing the Relationship You Will RECEIVE

Balance Sheet

Get the lowdown on your income, expenditures, and liabilities with our easy-to-use balance sheet. We review and update this with you each year.

Regular Communications

You’ll receive regular communications from us on a variety of topics, and can always see our latest thoughts and opinions on our blog.

Advanced Technology

Our client access portal and entire service experience is built upon the latest financial services technology.

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Comprehensive Plan

Your comprehensive plan is updated each year to provide direction on where you are heading.

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Our reliable “financial plumbing system” utilizes automation and supports your goals and priorities.

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Structured Process

We provide structure and a repeatable process each year designed to help with growing and managing your wealth as part of your plan.  Two meetings per year take place along with access to our team and other technologies that support your plan.

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Email Newsletter

We send six email newsletters per year that are customized around spending, savings, taxes, future fun & happiness topics.  All content is created by Ryan and available only to current clients.

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