Dust off your bike and pump up your tires, this Friday, May 21st is National Bike to Work Day!  Many of us are still working from home so biking into work may not be possible.  That’s ok as riding around your neighborhood or exploring a new trail works just as well.  As bike networks continue to expand, sometimes the best rides are the ones that are not planned out.  That’s the exciting part of biking as exploration is part of the journey.

Different then walking the dogs, biking incorporates balance and a lot of other good things for your brain.  Any kind of bike works, just snap a helmet on your head and ride.  Personally, I find it very rewarding spending time outdoors on my bike.  No music, just taking in the sights and sounds around me, it’s very therapeutic!  This proves to be a great way to sort out all the noise that may accumulate as we go about our daily lives.  Taking a bike ride is good for the mind and body.

Riding by yourself works, it’s also enjoyable to ride with friends.  Ask a colleague or neighbor to join you and you may be surprised how much fun you have.  This motivation with others will ensure you get the necessary break from your screen while providing wellness steps everyone may benefit from.

If you love riding your bike more than making financial decisions and plans around your tomorrow, you may be a good fit at our firm.  Last summer we introduced “biking & planning” meetings to current and prospective clients.  This provided an easy and low-key way to connect while taking a ride together.  No spreadsheets, complex terms, judgement, or stuffy corporate office to visit.  Just a simple conversation and a safe environment to ask anything on your mind.

Regardless of where you are, from getting financial organized to better understanding what a financial planner may offer you, everyone seemed to enjoy the conversation.  It’s not easy to ask for help and it may be even more intimidating when your financials are involved.  Why put off planning and strategy until you must react to something happening around you?  There is a better way, and it may begin by taking a bike ride together.

I’ll be biking all over Northern Virginia, DC, and Bethesda this summer.  If you’d like to clip in and chat, please visit our scheduling page below.

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