All great athletes at the top of their game have a coach.  Often, they may have several coaches that work on unique aspects of their game so they may perform at the highest level.  Coaches are not limited to athletics, some of the top performing professionals in their field have chosen to hire a coach.  A coach provides a second set of eyes and ears, someone with whom you can share challenges or have them push back and challenge you.  Good coaches are usually good listeners and ask questions.  Having an invested second party who works to bring about the best in you can enable you to perform at your very best.

Last year, I read a great book on someone with whom I was not familiar.  That person is Bill Campbell.  The book was entitled, Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook for Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle.

I highly recommend this book.  I found it fascinating how Bill started his career as a football coach working to inspire and get the most out of his players.  He would continue to use these same principals and skills to guide some of the brightest minds in technology who serve such companies as Apple, Google, and other top innovators who produce products and services we utilize daily. I find it intriguing that the leaders of these companies proactively reached-out and requested time with Bill.   Bill’s advice, direction, listening, and feedback regarding issues and challenges facing these companies really captured my attention.

This has led me to hire my own professional coach.  My feeling is that, as a firm, we are making a positive impact with the families and professionals we aid in financial planning.  Our clients share stories with us about their successes and progress toward reaching their goals.  Words cannot describe the joy this brings, knowing that we played a integral role in their success.  We get to see, firsthand, how they are living (even through a pandemic)  – and living well – by focusing on the right areas and letting go in others.  These are smart, busy folks who are making a big impact in their various fields of work.  They turn to our firm for planning expertise and behavioral coaching to increase their likelihood of success in reaching their goals.  These goals are not just measured on their balance sheet, these goals impact all areas of their lives.  We’re fortunate to have great and frequent communication about what’s working and also help make adjustments where necessary.  With all the positive feedback we receive, are we doing everything we can?  Are there other areas or more families that we may serve by working with a coach to refine our business and play at the highest level?  I believe so.  And that is why we continue to do just that – receive coaching of our own so that we can provide the best possible service to you.

As a firm we must invest time to grow and continue to evolve so that we may make a difference in other’s lives.  I’m really looking forward to engaging with my coach and will share more on what I learn soon.

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