You or someone you know may be contemplating a job change this year.  This is no small decision as I learned firsthand when I left my employer and founded a company in 2019.  There are many factors to consider in a new role.  The three themes below (there are more) helped me and may help you.

  • Control your time
  • More flexibility
  • Fulfilling work with growth opportunities

Professionals today have more choices than ever before in this tight job market.  How do you make the most of it?  I think it begins with how you value your time (or how your employer values it for you).  Where are you spending your time now and how much control do you have?

This is a question everyone may answer.  Those beginning their professional career, in mid-career transition, and those retired.  I’ve written a lot about “repurposing your time” which I believe is a better definition of retirement.  This definition may be applied to where you choose to spend your working hours while employed.  Reflection on what you are doing with your time is critical in mapping out a plan of forward progress.

This won’t happen overnight, the most important decisions on time take time.  Setting it aside to think freely takes effort but the results are worth it IMO.  Many of us, even as we work from home, may be influenced by distractions, or find ourselves reacting to something happening now.  The solution is carving out time for yourself and changing your environment to think generously on what you want next.

Seeking advice from those in a different industry may help sort your choices.  What flexibility exists in a different career?  How does this relate to the opportunity you are contemplating?  Flexibility and time partner together, both with regards to your investments as well as where you choose to work.  I’ve gained valuable insight from professionals at all stages and numerous industries.  Getting outside perspective is priceless and may help in your search.

Read more.  Biographies and autobiographies offer a great tutorial in decision making.  How others managed challenges, took action (or didn’t), regrets, and successes all offer the opportunity to learn.  Blogs, be it from various professionals or companies, may suggest a different viewpoint or opinion.  What are some blind spots in the next opportunity that may be found early?  What life, business, or financial applications carry over from one field to another?

The work we do must be challenging and have the opportunity for growth, learning, and continuously making a positive difference with others.  The great resignation is the result of a gigantic number of unhappy employed professionals looking for something better.  Increasing your income to market rates is a factor too, but not at the cost of your time, flexibility, and professional growth.  Many are leaving to try something new or applying their skill set in a different environment.

Nothing is more boring or less fulfilling then doing a job that doesn’t allow the employee, executive, or owner to see the results of their efforts.  Sometimes these results arrive quickly, often its much longer.  Having the opportunity to chart your own adventure with your work allows you to stay sharp and fosters ongoing learning.  Seeing the results, both positive and negative, allows you to make adjustments.  It’s this learning that leads to new and unexpected opportunities.  Go make the most of it!

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