Sometimes the stars align, and you just must go for it.  A recent example is taking an impromptu trip to Phili last week with my son to see Lionel Messi play for Inter Maimi.  Philadelphia Union hosted the match which did not disappoint.

Being a former soccer parent means traveling to countless matches over the years in all sorts of weather.  Travel baseball, basketball, lacrosse, and hockey parents know the drill too.  Early mornings, late evenings, and long drives to and from the courts and fields.  It can be exhausting but it’s also quite rewarding.

Connecting in conversations with your kids, regardless of their age, is priceless.  It’s tough to compete against earbuds, a playlist, and a screen as all parents can attest to.  However, there have been some great chats together while stuck in a car for hours at a time.  This is what I think it’s all about, spending time together.  Not always in conversation, but just hanging out together.

So, when tickets went on sale and sold out at once, the only alternative to see Lionel Messi play would be to buy seats on the resale market.   Apparently, we weren’t the only Futbol fans who were interested in watching the GOAT do his thing.  My son and I were logged in on separate computers, sitting side by side on a Sunday afternoon, who could secure seats first?  We’d get through the process adding our payment info, only to get an error message, these seats are already sold.  We were determined and after a dozen tries, we had success!  I imagine this was the same experience many moms and dads went through to secure Taylor Swift tickets earlier this summer.

It was an incredible experience to watch the speed, acceleration, and ball placement skills of Lionel Messi.  Watching him live was a dream come true.  Soccer is not an individual sport, it’s all about teamwork, communication, and smart ball distribution.  Inter Miami scored early in the match as Josef Martinez had an incredible goal just inside the left post.  Following up twenty minutes later, Messi scored with a left foot shot from way outside the box.  The first half ended with a Jordi Alba goal; Inter Miami was up 3 nil at halftime.  Phili had their chances, some close attempts but it just wasn’t their night.  Both teams scored in the second half, Inter Miami with the win 4-1.

Driving back home after the match we recounted the goals, possession, and tactics of each team.  It was a special night, I’m glad we set the time aside and made it happen.

Life moves quickly, and I believe it’s valuable to take advantage of opportunities to spend time with those you care about.  Friends and family will remember the vacations, trips, and excursions together.  It’s ok to spend a little or a ton of your financial resources with the people who matter to you.

Too often financial advice intensely focuses on saving and investing for your future.  What about spending today?  As a planner, I believe spending responsibility, and sometimes irresponsibility, along your journey, makes it worthwhile.  Yes, it’s important to prepare for tomorrow, but not at the cost of deferring gratification indefinitely.  You must have some wins today, enjoying both your time and money where you want.  Retirement will still be attainable and waiting for you, it’s not going anywhere.

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