Sin limites means limitless in English.  It’s also the name of a nonprofit organization that has been created to enrich the lives of the Guatemalan people.  What we take for granted every day in our country, even during a pandemic, is often a struggle for those raising a family in Guatemala.

To address this and make a difference, my sister Tricia Downie has created a nonprofit.  She has been working remotely and in country for over ten years developing relationships and driving change.  Aligning yourself with those who want to do better and raise the bar on living standards for families is not an easy task and cannot be done alone.  Having partners you trust that may distribute resources and provide leadership to young boys and girls is critical to making it happen.  This is exactly what’s been taking place for years.  Now, adding size, scope, and visibility with a nonprofit, Sin Limites looks to deepen their impact in Guatemala.

We have a lot to be grateful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving this week.  Most of us will enjoy it in our warm safe home with a kitchen full of food and clean running water on demand.  Granted, we may not be visiting family as we have in years past, but life as we know it is pretty darn good despite the pandemic.

It’s too bad Thanksgiving is only celebrated once a year.  In years like this, we could use a Thanksgiving holiday once a month or more!  Setting aside time to reflect and be grateful for all that we have, including our health, is no small act.

From a financial perspective, I believe the true value in planning is helping define what “enough” means to you.   Once known, you feel empowered around a plan that fits you, your priorities, and your choices.  Even better is that your plan may allow you to loosen your grip on the need for “more”.  Without a plan and planner, it’s natural to view your investments in simple more is better terms.  With the right partners, financial planning may provide clarity around “your enough” so you may live, give, save, and spend with purpose and feel great about your progress!

To learn more or donate to Sin Limites click here.  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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