One of the ideas we have tested in the past is can you have productive conversations around your financials and planning outside of a formal office setting?  Having worked as a financial professional for close to two and half decades, I have held thousands of meetings in all different places.  Conference rooms of all sizes, calls, and recently virtual meetings have all filled my calendar.  After all the remote work that’s been completed the past six months, I can’t help but think what if there is another format that is conducive to connecting with others in the area of financial planning?  What if we move beyond the virtual meetings and think about connecting in person again in a safe manner?  What if we completely change the venue, what kind of conversations may be possible then?

For years I’ve chosen to conduct meetings where my clients are most comfortable, oftentimes in their home.  Why?  Not all meetings need to take place in a conference room or formal office setting to be effective and valuable to everyone.  Environments matter and impact communication style and effectiveness when discussing difficult topics.  Where you are, the physical space, when you are most at ease with those you care about may allow you to have a more relaxed conversation on a difficult topic such as money.  When starting a conversation around planning its natural to bring your background, experiences, and views into the discussion.  These topics may cause tension around the uncertainty of your current approach to handling your wealth and attempts to grow it.  Studies have shown that people tend to favor discussing many other personal topics before talking about financial matters with a professional.

I get it, money is complicated.  How much do you need?  What quantifies as enough?  What is the ideal amount to live, give, save, and spend on today while preparing for tomorrow?  How much should I provide to my kids without instilling a feeling of entitlement and spoiling their drive and ambition?  What is the difference between risk and volatility and its impact on investments and long-term success?

All these decisions and questions are intertwined in our daily lives and influence our choices and priorities with money.  Understanding we are all different, living at various life stages with unique priorities, perhaps a new and different environment to open up and discuss planning possibilities may be helpful?  Changing the environment from a traditional office setting, conference call, Zoom, or home meeting may generate better conversations.  With this in mind, we recently added a nature walk and bike ride to our online calendar for all who are interested in discussing financial planning in the great outdoors.

We’re a company that is committed to continuing our smart growth in serving a limited number of clients.   Making the process easier, less intimidating, less formal, more fun, and engaging is what financial planning should be about.  Empowering others to accomplish what is important to them by providing clarity, a plan, timeline, and ongoing monitoring around next steps sets them up for future success.  Taking a walk in the woods or a ride on your bike with a financial professional is different.  The sounds of nature and the leaves changing color may allow you to gain more confidence in your decisions.  A bonus is you are staying healthy, safe, and getting in some exercise.  Working both your mind and body while talking about your financial future may open new possibilities with the sights and sounds of nature surrounding you.

If you are ready to take the first step in a planning conversation or simply have questions on the process and your current approach, click the chat with Ryan icon below and select your preferred venue.

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