This summer I’ve been thinking about the clients we serve.  Who are they, what characteristics they share, and how may we enhance our planning experience.

All companies, regardless of size or industry, should seek to identify their best or ideal clients.  Why?  It’s good business to know the problems you help solve and what others value most in working with you.  In a services-based business like ours, all feedback is invaluable.  What are client pain points, what’s cumbersome that may be simplified, and how might clients seek to engage and communicate with our firm post Covid?  It’s critical to explore these questions and many more when considering our service model and niche.

Ideal clients are helpful in identifying your niche so you may improve on your work.  This is not a new concept as books, blogs, and podcasts all continue to reiterate the value of knowing your audience and defining a niche.  The benefits to having a niche when running an advisory practice is that you may share consistent messaging.  Our job is to act as our client’s rock in reminding them of what matters most (in their words) and raising awareness on their choices today.  This instills confidence in their decisions which often carries over to other aspects of their life.  Asking questions and always remaining curious tends to help clients consider all possibilities that they may not have considered on their own.  We are the messenger that ultimately becomes the message overtime.

So, what’s our niche?  I believe our niche may be best defined as “cool people, who we know, like, and trust who seek a collaborative partner” when making various financial and life decisions.  Cool people are defined as someone we’d invite over to the house for a BBQ or enjoy grabbing coffee with.  We like them, they like us, we see similarities in each other when working together.  I’ve found being able to relate to others by asking thoughtful questions and listening allows trust to grow and creates a strong partnership together.

Through this reflection, I’ve identified a number of values, interests, and worries many of the cool people we serve share.  We’ve recently highlighted this on our home page.  If this sounds like you or someone you know, there’s a good chance you’ll be a great fit at our firm.  Check it out!

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