I left my previous firm of 23 years.  It was a huge move to make, one that required an exhaustive amount of planning, timing, and frankly some luck.  Driving this move was my beliefs, vision, and passion to serve clients in a manner that did not require product quotas and commissions.  I envisioned creating a planning environment, completely independent of agendas, where I may be responsible for selecting what’s best.  This would allow us to reduce the complexity, double standards, and growing conflicts of interest that seem present in the current financial landscape.  The goal was and continues to be creating an atmosphere of complete transparency.  This would allow mutual trust to be formed, strengthened, and cemented over the years as we serve our client’s financial and life planning needs.

The Flowerstone Financial philosophy is simple, take care of the client and our business will be successful.  Well, twelve months later here we are!  We’ve helped our clients accomplish a lot in a very short period of time.  Some accomplishments include:

      • Successful moves in the area and relocations outside of Northern Virginia & DC
      • Purchasing and building second homes for current and future use
      • Paying off mortgages
      • Sending kids to private school
      • Sending kids to college
      • Making big gifts
      • Beginning and completing large home renovations
      • Completing big ticket purchases
      • Repurposing time so you may do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, for as long as you want.

We believe that when your money serves a purpose your money serves you.  This allows choices in what you live, give, save, and spend on as you go about your day.  Having purpose with your financial assets is important, but it’s not everything.  Your time, relationships, family, and certainly health all matter and all add up.

We serve a diverse clientele of families and professionals here in the Northern Virginia area and across the United States.  We view the practice as a financial ark, filling one stateroom at a time with the right client who is attracted to our work.  The households we serve “self-select” themselves onto our ark and journey together.  We have no plans to serve hundreds of clients and say yes to every opportunity that is presented to us.  We are not striving to reach a certain business valuation or multiple and create a liquidity event.  We are committed to smart growth through clear communications and a repeatable planning process.

Ten years ago, it would have taken a team of five to deliver what we are delivering today.  Our practice consists of me, a CFP®, a full time paraplanner, and the right technology choices.  Having the capacity to use our time wisely and spend it where it matters most drives our engagements and keeps our margins in check.

We recently updated and published our unique planning process.  This continues our efforts to openly share what to expect in a planning relationship and what it may cost when partnered with Flowerstone Financial.  We realize most families don’t wake up in the morning and exclaim “today is the day we will find a financial planner!”  Some prospective clients come to us from other planning relationships that are broken or not meeting expectations.  Others are attracted to our work having never engaged in a planning relationship before.  One consistent theme with those who connect with us is an email introduction from a friend, family member, or colleague.  Having someone you know, like, and trust, introduce our firm is how many conversations begin.  This leads to clients becoming friends and friends becoming clients.

We realize it can be a daunting experience to reach out to someone you don’t know and ask for help.  It’s because of this that it’s natural and easy to defer necessary financial decisions until tomorrow.  Only when a life event is urgent and important; reacting to what’s going on now does one reach out and seek a second opinion.

With this in mind, Flowerstone Financial created a visual list of problems we may solve for those who are currently looking for some assistance.  All these areas have a planning theme that cross multiple client priorities.  Putting this in picture form and publishing it allows life events to be a little less stressful and may start a conversation around what’s most important to you.  The goal is to think and plan in advance, avoiding having to react whenever possible.

A lot has been accomplished these past twelve months, there is a lot more work to be done.  If you desire a second opinion or would like to speak with a financial professional who is fee based with no cost or obligation, consider reaching out below.

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