As the year comes to a close, we naturally begin to consider a New Year’s resolution.  Often this may be a personal fitness or financial goal, it may also be a positive change to improve your wellbeing.  This is all done with good intentions, though often by late January it may be difficult to recall what you resolved to change!  Accountability and follow through is everything.  The difference between a personal fitness coach helping you achieve a physiological break through is not all that different from a financial planner helping you create process and better decision making around your financial house.  Both hope to assist you by constructing new habits that you may adopt in support of your priorities.

What if instead of making a resolution this year, you better defined your why?  Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek is an important read.  It’s a book that asks you to better define your beliefs, your why are your beliefs.

Let’s face it, we are all leaders to some degree.  We lead our spouse, kids, friends, and perhaps a company.  Life is simply too short not to lead and be your best now.  When we are at our best, it’s contagious and positively influences others.  Even social distancing through a pandemic, we may still make a difference in how we treat ourselves and others.  To get the best out of both, we must have clarity and a purpose, this is a direct result of knowing your why.

I vividly remember reading this book on an OBX beach vacation in July 2018.  Something in this book clicked for me as my feet were in the sand and I was staring out onto the horizon.  A plan was slowing taking shape as I explored and asked myself questions.  At the time, I was frustrated around the limitations of my work, I was seeking change but knew it would be monumental and difficult to accomplish.  The fear of change is greater than the fear of failure and I believe that limits a lot of us in our choices every day.  This book challenged me to think differently, it started with understanding my beliefs and the goal of sharing this with others.  What was accomplished 12 months ago was a direct influence of this book.  What is accomplished in the next 12 months and beyond will be attributed to clarity of purpose and consistently reflecting on and refining my why.

When you get clear on something by defining your why, things begin to change for the better, and anything becomes possible.  Happy New Year and here’s to 2021 being your best year yet!

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