Last August I wrote about who we serve and the similar traits our clients share.  Each household is unique and has their own goals.  What’s driving the trend in similarities?

In our business and all businesses, it’s important to know who your clients are.  What do they want, what’s valued, and how do your solutions build trust?  Happy clients stick around and often share their experience with others.  We discover what our clients value most by asking them.  Feedback includes our advice, experience, process, and accessibility.  We apply these themes in what we do and how we deliver our ideas.

Defining a niche in your business is important.  It helps you serve the right client as commonalities in what you do may be carried over from one client to another.  Our niche is serving clients who are attracted to the service model we’ve created.  Why?  Busy professionals and those preparing for retirement are often tight on time.  They are attracted to our service model by what it offers them, more time.

Our best work is attracting those who want to follow a process in managing their wealth as they approach repurposing their time.  Looking closer at our process, we discover households appreciate the service calendar we’ve created each January to December.  Our service calendar drives the client experience and allows families to track their progress towards short- and long-term goals.  Here’s a closer look.

Our work begins by creating a relationship together first.  For a flat fee that’s visible on our website, we provide a comprehensive plan with instructions and rationale around a core set of financial pillars.  This allows families to implement various aspects of their financial plan on their timeline, not ours.  This “no strings attached” approach manages expectations and leads to better conversations.  Our communications support an educational approach in growing one’s financial knowledge with the use of their plan.

After creating a relationship together, we know a lot about each other.  This may lead to the next level of engagement with our firm which we call continuing the relationship.  It’s not necessary or the right fit for everyone, but those who tend to be short on time often desire delegating responsibilities to us.  They realize plan implementation and monitoring is best served in an ongoing partnership.  Clients who value their time, where it’s best spent professionally and on fun, find our perspectives and accountability valuable.  Again, these are our client’s words, not ours, and why gathering feedback from those you serve matters.  This is where our service calendar delivers.

It begins by updating your financial plan each February to May.  Reviewing cashflows, balance sheet, and market performance all directed by purpose.  We can’t control outcomes, so we assist clients with their inputs.  The calendar continues September through November as tax and estate considerations are reviewed.  A great plan won’t stand up if the safety net supporting it is not reviewed annually.

Of course, life is messy, and plans don’t always play out as intended.  Our service model recognizes this and incorporates planning margins and room for error so there may be less reacting and a continued focus on inputs.  Throughout the year we are available to address life events or smaller decisions that may have a big influence on tomorrow’s possibilities.

What’s drives the similarities of our clients, we believe it’s our service model that attracts those who value their time.  To stand out in the financial sea of sameness, you must be unique.  We believe our process and service calendar help clients get closer to what they truly value.  Seeking feedback from those you serve allows improvements to your process and the services offered.

We get energy from our work, all of it beginning in creating a relationship together.  When you are ready to learn more, reach out below and schedule a chat.

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